Mission Statement

PolyCultural Weekend aims to serve underrepresented minority groups by connecting prospective students with the cultural community on campus. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where students are able to find their home away from home.

During the weekend, prospective students will explore academic, cultural, and social resources.The weekend experience will help students establish a sense of community, cultivate a  feeling of belonging, and gain the confidence to succeed at Cal Poly.

If you have any questions about our event, please contact us at polycultural@calpoly.edu for more information!


Soon you will receive an email invite for PolyCultural Weekend.  You can use this Event Brite Link to register! 

After you finish registering, please remember to check your inbox for the required forms which will be sent to the email you provided on your registration.  You must fill out these forms before getting to Cal Poly to participate in PCW by April 18th.  


Meet the Coordinators!

Photo of Amanda ChangAshlie Pak

Lifestyles Coordinator

Hi, my name is Ashlie Pak (she/hers) and I'm a 4th-year Environmental Management & Protection major double minoring in GIS and Sustainable Environments. I'm from Los Gatos, California and I'm this year's PCW Lifestyle Coordinator! 

Growing up in a predominantly white community, I was never completely immersed in my culture. My lack of a cultural identity led to feelings of confusion and inadequacy for not being able to develop a strong sense of belonging amongst my peers. After committing to Cal Poly, a PWI, I worried that my experiences here would be the same. However, my journey with PCW showed me differently. I was able to meet so many amazing people in a tight-knit community that I was immediately welcomed into. I love PCW because I've seen that through the collective identity shared by a group (like our multicultural community), students can come to shape their own personal identities. My hope for this year's PCW is to give students who may feel fearful or skeptical about college the confidence to succeed at Cal Poly!

Isabelle Hung

operations Coordinator

If I'm being honest, Cal Poly was not my first choice for school.  After some serious conversations with my family, I decided to accept Cal Poly's invitation!  I had no idea what to expect from Cal Poly, the culture shock I would experience, how I would be able to transition from being bubbled in my hometown where I was the majority to a school where I was the minority, and if I would find community here. 

After a few years, I've grown to really enjoy my time at Cal Poly, the people, the friends I've made, and the community of support I have received.  In this light, I want to be able to pour back into Cal Poly through PCW.  I want to bring comfort, reassurance, and show intentionality to all of the prospective students who may be in a similar place that I was just a few years ago.

Photo of Ivan RosasIvan Rosas 

Connections Coordinator

Choosing Cal Poly seemed like such an easy choice because of their renowned engineering programs. However, I didn't think about fitting In or how difficult It'd be to find my community here. It was through the Cultural orgs and clubs I've found my home and comfort. They've welcomed me with open arms and are made up of genuine people.
I chose to do PCW because I want everyone to understand that they have a place here. By doing this I don't just have to tell them but rather show them the various communities. Each one of us has a story and being able to find a place we can share those Is essential. Overall I want to create a safe space for everyone, where they feel heard and valued.

Photo of Alan MartinezJordan Perlas

Hype Coordinator


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