Mission Statement

PolyCultural Weekend aims to serve underrepresented minority groups by connecting prospective students with the cultural community on campus. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where students are able to find their home away from home.

During the weekend, prospective students will explore academic, cultural, and social resources. The weekend experience will help students establish a sense of community, cultivate a feeling of belonging, and gain the confidence to succeed at Cal Poly.

If you have any questions about our event, please contact us at polycultural@calpoly.edu for more information!


Soon you will receive an email invite for PolyCultural Weekend.  You can use this Event Brite Link to register! 

After you finish registering, please remember to check your inbox for the required forms which will be sent to the email you provided on your registration.  You must fill out these forms before getting to Cal Poly to participate in PCW by April 18th.  


Meet the Coordinators!

Photo of Sophia WongSophia Wong

Operations Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sophia Wong (she/hers) and I'm a 3rd Year Business Administration student with a concentration in information systems and a minor in event planning and experience management! I am from Los Angeles, California and love to do puzzles in my free time. 

I first learned about PCW during my first year at Cal Poly as a host and immediately fell in love with its mission and initiative to increase diversity. When I first decided to attend Cal Poly I was weary of its reputation for being a predominantly white institution but have found my home away from home in the cultural organizations and other amazing communities on campus. I chose to do PCW because there are so many students who have similar stories and I want to continue creating a safe, welcoming, and assuring space for all to explore what Cal Poly has to offer. 

Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles

Connections Coordinator

Photo of Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles

Howdy y’all! My name is Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (she/hers) and I'm a 3rd Year Materials Engineering Major.  I am from Torrance, CA and in my free time you can catch me doodling in my journal!


I first got involved in PCW as a hostee! Due to COVID, I was unable to visit campuses and so PCW gave me the opportunity to meet current students at Cal Poly. This weekend gave me the confidence that I would find a place on campus where I belonged and allowed me to start building my community before I even stepped foot onto campus. I continue to be involved with PCW because I want to help cultivate a space for all students!

Photo of Mariana Johanna PerezMariana Johanna Perez

entertainment Coordinator

Hello! My name is Mariana Johanna Perez (she/her/ella) and I’m a 2nd year Ethnic Studies Major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am from Templeton, CA and in my free time you can find me playing rugby or making jewelry!

My first experience with PCW was as a hostee in 2022! Coming from a predominantly white town, I never felt comfortable in my identity and worried that my experience would be the similar at Cal Poly. However, through my journey during the PCW weekend, I was able to connect with so many cultural organizations and empowering people. The environment and culture that PCW cultivated made me feel welcome and secure. I chose to do PCW because I want every student to feel valued and know that they always have a home away from home in our cultural organizations.

Photo of Lani Nguyen Lani Nguyen

Hospitality Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lani Nguyen (she/her/hers), and I am a 3rd year Electrical Engineering major from Orange County, CA. I am this year’s PCW Hospitality Coordinator. I enjoy activities such as film photography, rock climbing, and

Coming from a diverse town, as a 1st year I experienced culture shock from how SLO is a PWI as well as learning how to navigate my identity away from home.

Being involved in cultural organizations and hanging out at the Multi-Cultural Center, I have found my home away from home within the supportive friends I have made through these safe spaces. Due to this, I have embraced my cultural identity more and become more open to learning about other people’s cultural backgrounds. Being involved as a PCW org rep, I was inspired by the impact PCW makes as prospective students made connections to current students who serve as mentor figures and foster more community. Cultural exchange is an important aspect of my college upbringing, and I want prospective Cal Poly students to find their own home away from home.

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