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Caprial started her journey at Cal Poly studying and recently graduating with a degree in Psychology triple minoring in Ethnic Studies, Law & Society, and Child Development.  Throughout her undergraduate experience, she found a home in the MultiCultural Center and would go on to work as a Student Assistant for the center as well.  As a student assistant some of her work centered on Asian Pacific Islander Desi American programming including interviewing one of the Co-Founders of #StopAAPIHate and hosting events with other APIDA activists.


As a coordinator she hopes to continue this work in encouraging students to not only find community at Cal Poly but also engage in critical conversations about identity and positionality.  Through her experiences at Cal Poly she hopes to cultivate space for students to celebrate and uplift one another as they navigate personal, academic, and professional exploration.  As the MCC was a catalyst for her own personal growth, Caprial hopes to help others in their own discovery of their intersectional identities and experiences.

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