MultiCultural Center - Signature Events

Fall 2022

 Growing in Culture


october 22, 2022

CultureFest is an annual celebration of diversity through culture, food, and community. During this event, Cal Poly’s cultural clubs and organizations come out and sell traditional foods to share their culture with the Cal Poly community. They also perform throughout the day to showcase pieces of their culture through clothing, dance, songs, and so much more. This event is open to everyone on campus and the larger San Luis Obispo community. 

Tentative Order of Performances

10:00 am Opening & Introduction

11:00 am 9Hearts

12:00 pm Break

12:05 pm Imagen y Espiritu Ballet Folklorio

12:15 pm SWANA Dabke

12:25 pm Hui O Hawaii

12:35 pm SASA (South Asian Students Association)

12:45 pm Shan Wu

12:55 pm Raffle Break

1:10 pm Genkey

1:20 pm TOK (Take Out Kids)

1:305 pm Lambda Theta Phi

1:40 pm SLO Breakers

1:50 pm LDT (Lion Dance Team)

2:00 pm Raffle Break

2:15 pm KDC (Korean Dance Crew)

2:25 pm NAK (Nu Alpha Kappa)

2:35 pm Masti

2:45 pm UM (United Movement)

2:55 pm Last Break & Closing


A thumbnail image of a woman dressed in traditional Aztec dance clothing, giving blessings to different altars.

Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

november 1-2, 2022

Día de Los Muertos (DDLM), or Day of the Dead, is a Latinx multi-day holiday that remembers, honors, and celebrates ancestors and friends who have passed by setting up and decorating altars with food, beverages, candles, flowers, etc. 

Check out our DDLM Interview with Roberto Monge

A thumbnail image with a maroon background, and mountain and sun silhouettes in the background with text that says "State of Indigeneity."State of Indigeneity

november 2022

In an era where Indigenous peoples, lands, and cultures are continuously made invisible, we invite you to a corrective dialogue by Indigenous students that centers resilience and strength. This intertribal conversation will focus on the distinct experiences of Indigenous Peoples. Please join us for a conversation and giveaways.


Winter 2023

A thumbnail image with prints of Asian lanterns and flowers that says "Happy Lunar New Year. May this new year hold lots of happiness for you!"

Lunar New Year

february 2022

This is a family oriented event that celebrates the Lunar New Year holiday for many Asian cultures and families. Through education, activities, and workshops, students engage in the traditional festivities of this celebratory event.



Spring 2023

A thumbnail logo of PCW, an eagle standing on a circular wheel with 4 stars on the right, and 3 different looking feathers around the circle.

PolyCultural Weekend

april 2023

PolyCultural Weekend aims to serve underrepresented minority groups by connecting prospective students with the cultural community on campus. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where students are able to find their home away from home.

During the weekend, prospective students will explore academic, cultural, and social resources. The weekend experience will help students establish a sense of community, cultivate a feeling of belonging, and provide them with the confidence to succeed at Cal Poly. 

Learn more about PolyCultural Weekend

A thumbnail image with a beige background, outlines of leaves and branches hovering on the top, and text in the center that says State of SWANA.

State of SWANA

april 2023

Please join us on April 22nd from 5-6:30pm for the first-ever State of SWANA! The panel event is a space to discuss the experiences and lived realities of our SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) community at Cal Poly. We will be kicking off the event with an Arab music ensemble and then exploring more about what it means to hold this identity on campus and celebrating SWANA culture. Through this discussion you will hear personal experiences, identify new ways to support the community, and learn about current events and important topics related to the SWANA community.

Register here!

A thumbnail image of a a sun, mountains, and the ocean with a gradient of orange to light blue, with text that says 'State of APIDA, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American'

State of APIDA

may 2023

State of APIDA is a panel through which APIDA students, staff, and faculty engage in important conversations regarding issues that affect our communities not only within Cal Poly’s institution but also in our larger society.  This year’s theme, Rising Tides, is centered on amplifying our voices, deepening our understanding of our intersectional APIDA identities, and engaging in honest conversations that challenge our community to think critically about our own positionality. Through this, we hope to focus on the recent impacts of COVID-19 and the violence on our communities to give an interpersonal perspective into our APIDA experience.

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A thumbnail image of a butterfly and a caterpillar cycle in white on a background of green detailing "SOCS 2022"

Students of Color Summit

may 2022

The Students of Color Summit (SOCS) is an annual conference catered to underrepresented students to offer social justice knowledge development and engagement opportunities. The MCC seeks to support students in their efforts to mobilize and build coalitions between student of color organizations and underrepresented student clubs. This event hopes to equip students of color with skills in the areas of advocacy, community organizing, and networking. It is our hope that by doing this, students will become empowered and gradually build relationships across communities. Although organized by the MCC, the various workshops will be hosted by Cal Poly’s faculty, staff, and students of color.

Learn more about SOCS 2022 >


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