MultiCultural Center - History and Mission


The MultiCultural Center (MCC) was created in 1981 as a result of generations of students fighting to create visible systems of support for underrepresented students and other marginalized communities on campus. Significant strides have been made since then to expand the center through staff support and programs/services offered. 
In winter of 2019, the MCC moved from a small space on the second floor of the University Union to a large lounge space on the first floor, furnished with supplies and resources to support students' personal and academic needs. This includes study space, computers, printing, and a kitchenette with mini fridges, coffee, tea, and eating utensils. This move facilitated our ability to further serve the growing population of underrepresented students at Cal Poly. We are now located in the University Union (building 65) in room 111F, across from Yogurt Creations. 


Rooted in values of equity and justice, the MultiCultural Center (MCC) is dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and success of historically underrepresented groups. As an educational space that is committed to serving the needs and holistic development of our campus' student body, we provide programs and services that:
- engage students in their identity exploration and development through critical self-reflection and dialogue,
- center and celebrate the voices and experiences of underrepresented students, and
- cultivate a sense of belonging through community building, mentorship, and intersectional learning.



The MultiCultural Center (MCC) strives to equip and empower students with the knowledge, tools, and capacity to become agents of social change.

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